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About Us

Inside Ink was conceived as a dream in a negative environment. The yearning for a positive expression in spite of the negativity one found himself in. To give life to a positive inner creativity and give expression to it.  To validate it and display it in the face of hardships and struggles. To exert control and overcome.  Inside Ink gets that and will strive to give expression to your inner dreams and ideas and respect your landmarks of struggles overcome and self expression.  We take pride in that final wipe when the clients eyes light up… We are privileged to work on you and don’t feel like we are doing you a favor when you come to us for work.  We eat and enjoy the freedom to enjoy life more fully because of you and we are grateful and privileged for you coming to us to give visibility to your inner world… We don’t take that for granted. I learned on the inside how to put the ink on the inside… With much Love and Respect…


This man does amazing work and he is one of the most powerful men i have ever met his work and mind is an inspiration to us all.

~ Ricky Roddy, 2019


Great work and great people. I would recommend this place to anybody looking for a phenomenal tattoo.

~ Mike Julian, 2019


Dean is a man of class. Works hard on all his artwork and will help you make the right decision. Do NOT miss the opportunity to get a piece done with him.

~ James Dixon, 2019